Emily Ho

As the Executive Partner and the Chief Operating Officer, I lead our team of 30 consultants and manage the day-to-day firm operations. I am a CPA, with an HBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business. I have been with Fusion for over eight years, and I have had an adventurous journey learning and influencing clients’ performance across multiple aspects of their business. In everything from big corporate strategic planning and media optimization to pricing and promotions, I have gained great exposure, as well as built expertise in these fields. The high level of responsibility, influence, and client engagement I have had at Fusion can’t be compared to what I would have had at other firms. One of the most memorable projects was leading a flyer optimization project that helped reduce costs by 50% while generating positive sales impacts. I have also led projects in a variety of industries, such as toys, department stores, cosmetics, pharmacy, grocery, sports, and consumer packaged goods.

Favourite Fusion Expression Good Strategy / Bad Strategy