Dr. Stephen Hausch

Right from the beginning, working at Fusion allowed me to practise both the art and science of consulting. Completing a PhD in ecology at the University of Calgary, I learned that progress requires communication, and that success comes from great insights packaged in even better stories. At Fusion, you learn to be a true mathematical storyteller. I work in macroeconomic modelling, and every month I get to dive into the math, distilling data from an array of sources using a suite of models I am continually developing and improving. Once the math has told me what is happening, I get to be a storyteller, figuring out what is important and what should be done, and communicating those insights to our clients. As a team of mathematical storytellers, Fusion is leading the growth of evidence-based decision-making in retail by ensuring not only that data analytics is done well but that its insights are effectively communicated to the people who can implement them.

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