First arriving Toronto as an international student at age 16, I am now a proud “Fuser” (working at Fusion) with an Honours Bachelor of Commerce degree from Queen’s University. When I first started at Fusion three years ago, it was hands-on since day one. By the end of my first month, I was already an Excel expert fluent in keyboard short-cuts, and a qualified consultant presenting insights to important clients. Leading the real estate planning project for a major retailer in Canada, I have learned the ways of decomposing big strategic questions like “Where to build our next store?”, into many small mathematical problems. And by “Thinking in Formulas”, I was able to address the questions directly without bias or subjectivity. What is more rewarding than working in such a great team who would constantly inspire your thinking, guide your explorations, and, of course, challenge you once a while to a board game! And all that extra knowledge about flyer sales and retails discounts is just another nice plus on the side.

Favourite Fusion Expression Rich Dad, Poor Dad