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Part One: Industry Landscape

A high-level overview of the premium petfood market in Canada

  • Market size: Quantify market size of the petfood space in Canada
    • Break out market size by quality ladder, for Baisic / Medium / Premium
  • Industry trend: Understand industry trend from macroeconomic factors, including:
    • Spending Power: pet ownership, population, income , savings and costs of living, etc.
    • Spending Demand: COVID-19 recovery, inflation, weather, seasonality, etc.
  • Competitors share: Measure market share of Champion Petfoods and top five competitors
    • Measure market share of Orijen and ACANA
    • Measure market share of top five competitors, such as Blue Buffalo, Cesar, IAMS, etc.
  • Retailers share: Measure market share of top five petfood retailers in the market, such as:
    • Pet Valu
    • Walmart
    • Canadian Tire

Part Two: Strategic Review

A high-level, strategic review of Champion Petfoods’ overall business

  • Retailers (Customers): Provide high-level insights on top petfood retailers in the market, for:
    • Trade Area:
      • Retailers' network coverage
      • Impacts on your accessibility to consumers
    • Branding:
      • Retailers’ brand performance
      • Alignment with your unique market position
    • Visit:
      • Retailers’ visit & traffic share
      • Price and promo strategy (where applicable)
    • Conversion:
      • Retailers’ conversion
      • Merchandising metrics (where applicable)
      • Customer experience metrics (where applicable)
  • Consumers’ Journey: Identify consumers’ journey for Orijen and ACANA, and diagnose the largest bottlenecks along consumers’ journey, for Accessibility, Awareness, Notice, Affinity, Purchase:
    • Dive Deeper into the Accessibility / Trade Area bottleneck, including:
      • Identify your Accessibility: % of consumers who are accessible to you
      • Willingness to Travel: Distance consumers are willing to travel to purchase petfood, by category and by density zone
      • Network Coverage: Total coverage of store network and E-com delivery network
      • Identify pockets within your current Trade Area coverage to allow futher growth
    • Dive Deeper into the Branding bottleneck, including:
      • Identify your brand awareness & affinity: % of consumers aware of you or like you
      • Brand Charisma: Consumers’ emotional openness to your brand
      • Brand Congruency: Functional attributes that put you in consumer’s consideration set and you “have what consumers want”
      • Brand Muscle: Optimize brand messages to address consumers’ desires
      • Competitor insights: How competitors activate against brand opportunity & where can your brand be uniquely positioned

Part Three: Pricing Deep-Dive

Review Champion Petfoods’ overall pricing strategy

  • Price Sensitivity: Understand the importance of price to consumers, including:
    • Consumers’ price segments
    • Consumers’ research & price comparison behaviours
    • Importance of price vs. other functional attributes (e.g. high quality)
    • Importance of price vs. other retail categories (e.g. grocery)
  • Price Perception: Understand consumers’ perception of Champion Petfoods’ prices, incorporating attributes such as Low regular price, Great sales, High quality, Great value, etc.
  • Price Strength: Leverage Fusion’s proprietary web-scraping platform from various websites to measure Champion Petfoods’ price performance vs. key competitors:
    • Price Ladder: Understand the Basic / Medium / Premium mix in each retailer and brand
    • Provide direct price comparison for identical SKUs in different retailers
    • Provide indirect price comparison with key competitors, such as:
      • Price per package, for similar products
      • Price per 100 gram, for similar products
  • Price Elasticity: Construct a price elasticity model for Champion Petfoods, to understand the change in sales volume from an incremental increase or reduction in price.
  • Price Tactics: Identify changes and tactics that could be employed as part of Champion Petfoods’ overall pricing strategy, such as:
    • Optimal package size to drive a “trial” purchase
    • Optimal promotions to drive a “trial” purchase
    • Optimal promotions to drive incremental purchases

Part Four: Market White-Space Prioritization

“Rack & Stack” opportunities to identify where to grow next

  • Layout all market opportunities on the same apple-to-apple methodology, such as:
    • Category: Wet, Dry, Cats, Dogs, etc.
    • Basic/Medium/Premium price points
    • Demographics: Gen Z, Millennials, Ethnic-minorities, Seniors, Parents, etc.
    • Geography: Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, rural Ontario, rural QC, etc.
    • Channel: E-commerce, Brick & Mortar
  • Leveraging all internal & external data sources to provide one-version-of-the-truth (1VOTT) for each opportunity, including but not limited to:
    • Market size & profit pool by category/segment/etc.
    • Competitive intensity & white space by category/segment/etc.
    • KPI alignment (i.e. what strengths can we leverage) by category/segment/etc.
    • Associated sales & basket-build opportunities by category/segment/etc.
    • Other key metrics based on client direction and Fusion suggestions
  • For each market opportunity, provide high-level overview on the growth bottlenecks along consumers’ journey, and specific actions associated with each, such as:
    • Trade Area: priorize retailers with targeted demographic segments, etc.
    • Brand: campaigns addressing specific categories, etc.
    • Pricing: promotions targeting specific price segments, etc.
    • Merchandise: product features that target the specific segment, etc.
  • Rack & Stack all opportunities to provide clarity on where to focus, find unique white space vs competitors and gain market share.

Part Five: Follow-Up Measurement

Provide on-going measurement to support the strategic changes

  • Industry & market share: Quarterly or annual update for industry and market share trends
  • Branding: Quaterly or annual update for brand health, or measurement for major campaigns
  • Pricing: A/B testing or Pre/Post testing for pricing inniatives