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Leverage our data expertise to create clarity so you can take the actions that benefit your business. We use 73 distinct data sources to uncover insights that puts your business in context and uncovers opportunities, racked and stacked to identify your priorities.

The Math Behind Each Metric

Raw data has an error, that is why we call it “raw.”

Sales data can have inventory data misallocated between channels or issues with inventory returns. Digital impressions can be inflated with bots. POS-based market share sources often have errors arising from market coverage. Every data source has strengths but also weaknesses.

The secret to great metric quality is to move away from single-source raw data, towards multi-source triangulation, what we call One-Version-of-the-Truth.

Our first step to building One-Version-of-the-Truth is having the largest source of retail data, with over 73 distinct data sources across digital, survey and financials.

The second step to One-Version-of-the-Truth is triangulating. Each metric is built with our proprietary multi-source triangulation model resulting in a reduction in the margin of error by 75% vs traditional methods.

Then every metric is fused in our Revenue-Opportunity-Chain to see the interdependencies. Executives appreciate that the Revenue-Opportunity-Chain allows them to see the whole business in context, its coefficient, upside, and racked & stacked priorities.

Think Top-Down, Not Bottom-up

It’s common for companies to make decisions based on a big idea, or what Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman calls “What the very serious people know.” Ideas like “mobile shopping is the future” or “social media is huge with millennials” are usually smart and hard to argue with. Everyone knows they are true, and testing strategies based on these ideas can seem like the way forward…but there’s a catch. Through years of work, we’ve learned that while something can be true, it can also distract you from even better paths forward.

We call this approach “bottom-up thinking,” and have learned to approach it skeptically. Instead,
we embrace the philosophy of “top-down thinking.”

We start the conversation not with one of these big ideas, but instead with the right overarching question, such as
“What is the best way to grow market share next year?” From there, we work our way down, into the problem. It sounds simple, but we’ve found it can be a transformational way of approaching business decisions for many companies.

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When to Use Fusion in Your Organization?

Fusion can be leveraged across your whole enterprise, to create a consistent set of facts for all stakeholders to leverage, create clarity, alignment, and action.

When to use Fusion:

Annual Planning Cycle

Fusion provides all the metrics you need for annual planning exercises, with no blind spots. This allows you to identify all your potential revenue opportunities, prioritize with our Rack & Stack tools, and know what bottlenecks to address to unlock growth with our Revenue-Opportunity-Chain model.

Annual Budgeting

Fusion provides recommended budget allocation, predicted revenue upside and ROI across your enterprise, to maximize revenue growth.

Target Setting

Drive internal alignment & performance by setting internal targets for each of the 55 KPIs available in our platform.

Measurement of results

We provide monthly & quarterly reporting on exactly what is driving your business and why, all in one report, no more guessing, no more debating, just clarity.


We have a variety of data-sets for optimizing of real estate, branding, media mix, pricing, merchandise mix and service.

Fusion Metrics and Insightful Data are not for Everyone,

Therefore we carefully choose who we speak with.

President & Board

Fusion is built primarily for the President & Board for our whole way of thinking is built for top-down decision making, where we root-cause all issues, across all departments and categories, giving your President a complete line-of-sight on their business.


Fusion helps your C.F.O. to easily see where to allocate budgets to accelerate revenue growth.

Chief Merchant

Fusion helps the Chief Merchant see across all their categories, all on the same platform, all apples-to-apples to see the performance. This includes a true Omni view, with full visibility on Amazon and all competitors. We then link performance by category to specific actions as they relate to merchandise mix changes, price changes and inventory changes, all tied back to conversion rates, market share and ultimately sales performance.


Fusion helps the Chief Marketer clearly know how much marketing activity is building their brand, and how a stronger brand is contributed to sales targets. Furthermore, we then dive deeper into specific campaigns, creative, messaging and media mix.


Fusion helps the Chief Operator know how much sales is being driven by controllable in-store conversion, including labour, cashiers, store ambiance and other key drivers. We have insights for both e-commerce and brick.

VP Level

Fusion tools are designed to be top-down, with no blind spots, to allocate resources across an enterprise. This makes Fusion a great fit for Executive decisions. Whereas our competitors have tools built more for day-to-day tactical decisions within each department making them potentially a better choice for those situations. We should talk to ensure Fusion is the right fit for your needs.