• Fresh demands on the market like never before

    Fresh Demands on the Market Like Never Before

    The Canadian retail trade industry constantly grew between 2012 and 2019. Retail trade sales increased by 1.6 percent from 2018. In 2020, however, sales decreased by nearly 1.5 percent amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Changes in Customer Behavior and Buying Pattern

    Changes in Customer Behaviour & Buying Pattern

    As more organizations settle into new ways of working, there will be significant implications for retail strategies, given the link between work-from-home arrangements and other demographic and consumer trends.
  • Time to Build Your Brand Muscle

    Time to Build Your Brand Muscle

    The COVID-19 pandemic has also created another front-line opportunity for retailers and other companies: the opportunity to live up to and demonstrate their values, to act with purpose, and to show they care about more than the bottom line.

Leading Retailers Believe in Us

Fusion is trusted by leading retailers in the US and Canada to help make insight-driven decisions that help grow their businesses. With over 15 years of industry experience, Fusion’s experts help businesses look at the finer details and visualize the quantifiable data. We are passionate about data analytics and help brands make informed, strategic decisions based on fact-based data. We are proud to have partnered with some of the leading US and Canadian retail brands who have trusted us as a strategic partner for the large-scale expansion of their business, brand, and sales performance.

What Difference Does Fusion Make to Your Business?

We understand the struggle to simplify raw data into insightful indicators. The most valuable insights are uncovered when patterns that have not been seen, appear. These can be identified by interrogating independent data sets; however, the most compelling insights arrive when multiple data sets are compared or “fused”.

Retail decision-makers need actionable data sets to help them make informed decisions. This is why visionary leaders of the major US and Canadian retailers choose to work with our experts. Fusion triangulates multiple data sets, so everything talks to everything we call this One-Version-of-the-Truth. We have empowered many retailers to identify opportunities and prioritize these opportunities based on the deep data sets.

Talk to our experts and start tackling raw and the most complex data sets into simplified and structured ones.


Understanding what drives your business

Data analytics has become the backbone of every business, and Fusion is the expert in Retail Analytics. Leading retails can now make strategic decisions and measure the impact of those decisions.

Identify the problem

We help businesses identify and define the problem areas that are complicated and sometimes dismissed. We start by asking questions like “What are the key drivers of marketing ROI?” and “What is the best way to measure campaign performance?”. We fuse the right data sets to answer these questions, to ensure that retailers can prioritize and monitor their strategic decisions.

Get the right metrics

For strategic and tactical planning, the decision-makers must analyze evidence-based insights that are derived from authenticated sources. As the most advanced data consultancy in Canada, Fusion uses the data sets necessary to build the right models to provide the insights needed.


Work with skilled data experts

We have adopted the ‘Think in Formulas’ methodology to make decisions based on the right data for the right process. Our data experts will put together integrated reports that will provide your organization with a clear vision to make bold decisions with confidence. We are not just any data agency, we are the best consultancy at analytical thinking.

Make strategic decisions

Fusion provides a data fuse of various reports and metrics to help you make strategic decisions that will benefit your business. We provide an integrated view that isolates the impact of each source on your bottom line. By fusing data together, we provide only 'One Version of the Truth' that business leaders can trust.

7 Drivers of Retail & Fusion Expertise

Our data scientists will create the most compelling business insights by fusing multiple data sets. We provide advanced retail analytics that diagnoses business drivers and evaluates investment outcomes.

Fusion Analytics by the Numbers

No blind spots. See across your whole business, across all 7 Levers, including Industry, Network, Brand, Price, Merchandise, Store/E-Commerce Ambiance, and Customer Experience.


Team of PhDs, MBAs, Data Scientists and Retail Experts

Top retailer Client Combined Revenue

Client Marketing Budget Optimized

Data Sets Fused Together

Key Performance Indicators Measured

Retail Brands Tracked

Categories Sized and Tracked with History

Product Brands Sized and Tracked with History

Geographical Zones

Customer Segments.

What Will You Learn with Fusion?

Imagine the growth you could achieve with consistent measurement and prioritization across your whole enterprise.

Our Methodology

Using our Revenue-Opportunity-Chain methodology, we root-cause what specifically is limiting your sales and growth.

Everything is linked back to your sales to
learn what is actually driving your business
and where to focus.

First - Sales driven by Industry with results triangulated with over 72 potential data-sources to give you One-Version-of-the-Truth, and then customized to align to your unique hierarchy.

Second - Sales driven by Market Share. Our model identifies what is driving Market Share, breaking into the six steps along the consumer’s journey. We then evaluate how each of the retailer’s seven main Resource Levers are driving sales.

Insights you need - With over 15 years of experience solving the most intractable business problems, we’ve developed the tools and methods you need to turn your data into actionable strategies.

Talk to
an Expert

We can help your business excel.
Our data experts are here to help you find the right solutions backed by real and integrated reports. We are just a call or email away, reach out to us today!

Join Team Fusion

Fusion Analytics is a close-knit team of data experts based in North America. We have been building data solutions and providing businesses with evidence-based insights since 2006. We are always looking for dynamic contributors to join our exceptional team. We offer opportunities to reveal your potential while contributing your expertise towards strategic data projects for our clients. If you are looking to evolve in a diverse, fun, and formative work environment, join our team. “What is the best way to grow market share next year?” From this, we work our way down, into the problem. It sounds simple, but we’ve found it can be a transformational way of approaching business decisions for many companies.