Why Fusion

We provide an unprecedented level of retail insight, giving you an unfair advantage over your competition. We can do this because we know retail better than anyone - it's all we've been doing for over a decade, by engaging with 100,000+ retail consumers each year, and studying the benchmarks of 40+ major retailers.

Our firm is specifically designed to provide retailers - and in particular retail Executives - an unbiased, de-politicized and accurate view of their business. Most analysis within a firm today is bottom-up, coming from different department silos on where to deploy capital, how to spend marketing dollars, whether to launch a loyalty program, where to trim labour hours and so forth. What is lacking is an Executive-level view looking top-down. Where exactly is the best opportunity? Which category should we expand into? Are we over/under invested in marketing? In capital? In service?

This is the power of Fusion Retail Analytics. We equip CEOs, CFOs, EVPs of Merchandising and CMOs with the information they need to see their retail business in a holistic way.

Fused Analytics

In our bones is the philosophy of triangulating and fusing insights. All of our analysis is triangulated with multiple sources; for example, our market share numbers are built using four independent sources. No other firm in Canada goes through so many steps to ensure their numbers are this accurate.

Beyond this, we fuse insight together. It does little good to know what consumers think if it isn't linked to profit, or to know a project lost money but not know why. It is only through fusing financial and consumer insights together that a complete and accurate picture of the business opportunity emerges. The end result is that our clients have the exact, unbiased and complete information they need to make decisions.

We are data-agnostic, triangulating and integrating the large volume of data that retailers often swim in to make it powerful, concise and accurate. We combine over 50 points of data to build our analytics in order to develop a complete understanding of your business and identify your largest investment opportunities, giving you absolute strategic clarity. Click here to see our full list of data inputs.

So why Fusion?

Fusion Retail Analytics has the data, tools, and knowledge to help you identify and understand your largest opportunity, create a plan to execute against it, and drive change within your organization. We will work hard to earn a spot on your team and grow your business to new heights together.

Finance + Consumer Insights = Results