We help retailers dramatically grow their business through both strategic planning and tactical optimization. Simply, we give you the information you need to make smart, effective, impressive decisions.

Business Plan - Starting from the top, we look how your resources are aligned with your growth opportunities. Learn more about our Business Plan.

  • Retail Trends - We give you a clear picture of how the overall retail landscape in North America is evolving.
  • Business Model Plan - Based on your current strengths, your biggest opportunities and your competitors' positions, we help you identify the optimal business model to move toward.
  • Resource Allocation - We help you determine where company-wide resources should be allocated to best foster future growth.
  • Category Prioritization - We identify the key product categories to pursue in your industry and outline the role that each will play in strengthening your overall business strategy.

Marketing Plan - When it comes to either growing your brand or driving footsteps to your store, we can help. Learn more about our Marketing Plan.

Margin Enhancement Plan - 72% of promotions lose money. We'll help make sure that yours won't. Learn more about our Margin Enhancement Plan.

Real Estate Plan - We track Canadian retail intensity every day to help predict sales impacts for our clients. Learn more about our Real Estate Plan.

Merchandising Plan - We empower merchants to make effective decisions around inventory optimization and planning effective private label strategies.

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