Why Work at Fusion

At Fusion Retail Analytics, we're firmly establishing ourselves as an industry leader in retail consulting. On any given day, we interact with over a dozen Fortune 500 retail clients. We are growing at over 30% a year, and are constantly hiring. We believe in getting a lot done.

We work on a range of extremely interesting projects with our clients: identifying new growth opportunities, building strategic plans, optimizing promotions, improving TV commercials, enhancing the customer experience in the store, and more.

Fusion Retail Analytics is a place for thinkers, doers, and those with entrepreneurial spirit. People on our team are involved in the shaping of our firm's success, not just shaping client strategy. After all, at Fusion we believe the two are firmly intertwined. Because we're growing, you'll be growing too; you'll be presented with opportunities that allow you to progress within the company. At Fusion, you'll have the opportunity to become a master of developing strategic insight and analytical modeling. You'll join a select few in the Canadian marketplace to have a proven, established, and respected knowledge base and skill set in retail marketing analysis and strategic insight.

You'll connect with our clients. You won't just hear about them by name; you'll have the opportunity to work directly with senior executives at some of the best companies in Canada, assisting them in driving significant improvements to their bottom-line. Our client list is diverse and includes the world's largest furniture retailers, North America's largest home improvement chain, one of Canada's largest general merchandisers, Canada's largest toy retailer, and one of Canada's top electronic chains. They're big companies, ranging in size from $500 million to over $5 billion in annual sales.

So why work at Fusion? We've worked hard to build, foster, and ingrain a culture of equality and collaboration into everything that we do. You'll be an essential part of a dynamic team of equals every step of the way - a team where everyone's voice is heard and respected. At Fusion, we believe that everyone involved in our business plays an integral role in our company's ultimate success. Your contribution will matter.

Finance + Consumer Insights = Results