The Fusion Experience

"What excited me most about joining Fusion was having the chance to have an immediate and meaningful impact at a firm that I could grow within and along with. In my first week, I was already working on a project that was delivered to the VP of marketing of a major fast-food chain. Within a month, I had an opportunity to present another project to the head of research. After 6 months at the firm, I was managing a major account and interacting with clients on a daily basis.

At Fusion, you are given significant responsibility early on. The result is a challenging but extremely rewarding work experience in which you take true ownership of your projects and see them through from start to finish. Because we're a smaller firm, there is a very strong sense of community and a great support and training network to tap into. All opinions are valued and everyone has an input into major company decisions; I've been involved in choosing a new company name and picking a new office location. We work hard but we keep the office environment fun and upbeat. Working at Fusion has been everything I expected and more - this really is a great place to work."

- Sasha Poljsak, Manager (4 years at the firm)

"From day one, the people and culture at Fusion struck me as collegial, supportive, markedly ambitious yet thoroughly humble. As time went on, my appreciation of this unique work environment has only grown. At Fusion, I was given an incredible range of responsibilities very early on, the independence to make my own judgement and the guidance when I needed it. Every day brings a new challenge and a new problem to solve, and my learning experience here has been constantly evolving but extremely rewarding. The constant pursuit of knowledge and perfection is evident in every facet of work that we do at Fusion, and has encouraged constant personal and professional growth.

I've been able to hone my quantitative and analytical skills, acquire intuitive knowledge about the industry and work directly with the executives of Canada's most prominent retail companies. I wasn't just responsible for one part of the work process; I was responsible for all of it - from conducting data analysis and uncovering strategic insights, to putting these insights together into a well-rounded story, to presenting the story to the client and receiving valuable feedback. I am personally invested in all of my accounts and that's what makes the Fusion experience truly unique. If you're looking for a firm where you can grow and learn along with it, and will have direct impact on its direction and success, then Fusion is definitely the place to be."

- Anqi Tong, Consultant (1 year at the firm)

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