How to Apply

Our hiring process is a two-way-street; it's designed for us to learn about you and for you to learn about us quickly. We're eager to identify great talent - your great talent.

How to apply for a position with Fusion Retail Analytics

Send your application package directly to us by email at:

Your application package should be sent as a single PDF attachment and include:

  • A cover letter that details your analytical and problem solving abilities. Go into as much detail as possible on the process, the data, the actual formulas & algorithms (if they're applicable), and any challenges you experienced with the analysis.
  • Your resume, clearly highlighting your education, academic awards and grades, including your approximate grade rankings (for example, top 10%, top 20%, etc.). If you're unsure of your ranking please confirm with your school, or provide us with an approximate estimate and note it as such.
  • Your transcript (preliminary or unofficial transcripts are acceptable)

If you are selected for an interview

Our interview process is made up of two rounds:

  • The first round involves a variety of mini mathematical problem-solving questions designed to test your analytical ability. Simply making sure that your basic math and problem-solving skills are fresh and up-to-date will assure you ace this step.
  • The second round gives you an opportunity to meet a cross-section of our team. This will allow you to learn in greater detail what it's like to work at Fusion and to make sure our team is a good fit for you. We'll also take this opportunity to further test your problem-solving and mathematical skills through a consulting-style case interview, and learn more about you through a behavioral interview. This will help us determine who you are, what your passions and goals are, and how you approach personal and professional problems. Remember, it's not an issue if you don't have an established business background because this second interview isn't to determine your business knowledge; rather, it's purposely designed to discover your raw talent.

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